Privacy Policy

A number of users have asked us about our privacy policy and pointed out that the 100% clean list of email addresses that we have would be worth quite a lot on the open market. Indeed, this is quite true, however, WorldIRC and WorldIRC CService is not a commercial entity, and no-one associated with WorldIRC is expecting to make any money out of it. We run it with the expectation that we will loose money and we accept it. IRC Networks are possibly one of the last true examples of altruism on the Internet. We do what we do out of the kindness of out hearts. Honestly.

That rant aside, our privacy policy is simple. Your email address will never be passed on to anyone outside of WorldIRC Administration. You have provided us with your email address for one reason and one reason only. This is to provide us with a means of contacting you and verifying your identity. Your email address is not publically viewable and will remain that way. Your email address will not be transferred by way of sale or other exchange or other means to any other party other than the administration of Undernet or verified law enforcement agents who formally require it of us.


Linking.. what is it all about? We at WorldIRC Channel Service (CService) are all experienced Internet users. Yes, we know that the World Wide Web (WWW) is built up by people linking from one page to another. However, we formally require you to only link to You may not link to any other page or URL on our site. You definately may not reproduce any pages, in whole or part, from this site at any other site.

This probably seems a little harsh, however we hope you understand our reasons for doing so. Our site and our policies are constantly changed to meet the needs of our users and ensure that users have access to the best quality of information available. We cannot allow the copying of documents since if the documents are updated, the copied documents might not be updated, meaning that if users view the documents from another page, the information they see may be out of date. We also know that you only mean to help users by copying information or deep-linking, but the best way that you can help our users is to ensure that you comply with this policy

If you have any questions about either of these policies or how it affects you, please feel free to email WorldIRC Channel Service.